Brandswar’s take on #YouAreNotAlone

The country which has always hesitated in talking about Sex or giving Sex Education in school to their kids has finally started to open up about the same. Mankind Manforce Condoms’ DGM Joy Joy Chatterjee expressed his concern about safe sex in the country in relation to the recent advertisement that was shot for the campaign called #YouAreNotAlone.

The advertisement focuses on raising awareness about few things that includes safe sex and couples who have sex in public thinking that they are doing it in within the four walls of their house. The campaign advertisement shows a couple getting intimate in a car and then shows a couple of men watching their video on their phone.

It raises not only questions about how much technology can exploit your privacy but also about how much individuals in India are aware about safe sex. Mankind as a brand has been coming up with great and successful campaigns to raise awareness about safe sex which is very essential in India. Their previous campaign #ShutThePhoneUp and now #YouAreNotAlone has been massively viewed by people online and maybe raise awareness about the fact that one might think that they are getting intimate with their loved ones but there is danger always around.

Mankind’s campaign is a very essential step that was needed for the audience to understand the importance of safe sex and safe PDA. #YouAreNotAlone #Brandswar

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