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Our dads are our heroes. Aren’t they!?

In a gut wrenching ad by the Tata Trust, a school boy, with gleaming innocent eyes and an earnest smile goes on to proudly recite a poem about his ‘Baba’ at an Elocution Competition.

The child starts by saying ‘Mera Baba Desh Chalata hai’, he juxtaposes his father with the politicians, doctors, policemen and army men of the country. He says, his father is not a politician yet he runs the country, he’s not a doctor yet he eliminates the diseases, he’s not a policeman but keeps the country free of filth, he’s not even in the army but he wages war against the country’s nastiest enemies. If there’s a single day that his father misses his work the country will come to a standstill. He makes all our lives easier, he does a work that no father would ever want to do, his father ‘Runs the country’.

In Mumbai, a city of 23 million, only around 50,000 individuals are employed as sanitation workers. They work in difficult conditions to tackle the enormous amount of waste the city generates everyday. As a part of their flagship initiative, Tata Trusts ‘Mission Garima’ is working to provide safe, hygienic and humane working conditions for sanitation workers who more often than not, are severely affected doing the unimaginable for the city. Every year, the lives of thousands of sanitation workers are severely affected trying to do what we’ve hardly ever pondered upon.

#TwoBinsLifeWins campaign urges citizens to pledge to separate their waste into biodegradable wet waste and non biodegradable dry waste, so that the children of the sanitation workers don’t lose their fathers anymore. ‘Kyunki Desh Ko, Desh Ka Har Aadmi Chalata Hai’. Mind Your Waste.

#TwoBinsLifeWins #Brandswar

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