Tea vs Coffee? Let Brandswar help you settle

India is a nation that is fond of drinking tea and coffee and endless discussion about whose what kinda person. It’s always tea over coffee and specifically sweet, milky chai that we’re fond of. According to the surveys conducted, men usually indulge in conversations about tea vs coffee and women have casual conversation with their people about why they prefer ta over coffee.

The Millennials are the target audience for both tea and coffee brands because it’s the kind of beverage which is luxury, affordable and easy to make. Brands like Tata Tea, Tetley, Bru or Nescafe have set millennials as their target because they are more aware about the brand and prefer healthy beverages over anything that would add to them adding extra kilos to their body. Addition of the green tea to their stock and targeting just the right audience for the product. They target the emotional and mental pulse of the generation and add some revenue to their bank accounts. #tea #coffee #brandswar

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