Updated: Feb 19

Big brands are all game and don't shy away from getting dirty in the mud-slinging world of ads. And advertisements where companies make direct references to the competition sure do make for an interesting watch! Valentine’s Day has always been the favourite of brands to come up with various insightful yet chuckle-some ad campaigns focused on spreading the message of love.

Two days ahead of Valentines the original ‘Home of the whopper’ has taken a dig at it’s long time rival brand McDonalds making sure that the brand name is not brought into light in it’s entirety and yet manages to make it’s point.

Burger King in their latest spot show Ronald McDonald, McDonald’s famed mascot as a loner, sitting at various places, almost teary eyed, vulnerable and all alone. With the melancholic background score, the text on screen reads ‘It sucks to be lonely. Especially on Valentines Day’. Burger King urges it’s customers to ‘Start the Festivities’, to click a selfie with the ‘loner’ and get a free Whooper this Valentine’s Day.

Burger King tweeted a video saying, “We've found the loneliest man in the world. And he's been right in front of us the whole time. Go ahead give him company, take a picture or two, tag @burgerkingindia and we'll give you a free Whopper this Valentine's Day. #LonelyNoMore

Undoubdtedly,it’s now all upto McDonalds for the cards that it chooses to play. If this isn’t competitive marketing at it’s best, what is?

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