Brandswar on Data Privacy for Digital Platform

Updated: Feb 14

21st Century has seen a tremendous growth in various sectors especially technology sector. The era is termed as the digital era and because of this the businesses have started to shift to online or digital platforms so that they could reach out to a mass audience. But reaching to a mass audience has its own price as the digital world has become too intrusive for target audience as well as the business owners too. The unwanted entry of the technology into the personal space of people has become a hot and debatable topic at this very moment.

Access to personal information which is based on the user’s digital footprints is a concern for everyone. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has announced that he and his team are building strong and powerful protection for the Facebook users. To safeguard children from online data intrusion, Youtube announced changes to its policies in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Google also wants to keep the users’ data private and believes that no one should invade ones’ online privacy. Keeping this in mind, the Google announced that they will put and end to their third-part cookie support in Chrome.

Instagram, is one of the most used digital platform as of now and it has a huge impact on the lives of its users. To make it more secure, the application had discontinued the feature which showed the number of likes on a post. One of the reasons to make this digital platform secure is because people have started to use Instagram as a marketing tool and it’s effects has impactful to the business.

TikTok is the latest platform which has captured the attention of both the audience and the marketeers as it opens the gates for better advertising. The platform has even though helped in reaching out to a mass audience with its #BetterMeBetterInternet global campaign, the team has to keep in check the privacy of the users and maintain a healthy environment for application/platform.

These changes are being implemented so that users can have a better , private and more secure web browsing experience. India has a growing digital sector and social media remains on the top of it as it’s attractive and affective for the business at the same time. The data privacy controlling changes would help the users and the application team to function in a better, secure and private way.

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