Brandswar: Pepperfry vs Ikea. Who will make their stand in the Indian Market?

Updated: Feb 12

Will Pepperfry outdo Ikea?

Pepperfry hit the Indian market back in 2011 and was one stop shop for every home decor. But since Ikea's launch in India was met with an over-whelming response; the question arises that who will have a bigger customer base in India?

According to the demographics, social media mentions and unique authors, Generation X (18-24) is involved in the process of home decor compared to the other generation. They use social media handles like twitter, blogs, online news and magazine to engage in the conversation about home decor especially from Pepperfry and Ikea.

It's too soon to say that which brand has taken over the Indian market as there is a section of people who are unaware about the Ikea as a brand but in the coming few months /years it will be interesting to see who cuts the mark and outdoes their sales and customer base in the Indian market.

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